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Women in Product is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusion in product management. Founded by senior women product leaders in Silicon Valley, Women in Product's mission is to educate, empower, and create a global community of women product managers to build impactful products at scale.

Over the past 18 months, Women in Product grew from 10 women with an idea to a community of nearly 7,000 product builders. Women in Product is a place where we can celebrate each other's accomplishments, share our knowledge, and build skills to grow our careers. In 2017 we had over 30 monthly events and workshops with 5200 people in total attendance. We hosted the second annual Women in Product conference featuring 30 high-profile senior product speakers, with 1500+ product leaders in attendance and over 50 scholarships awarded. We also expanded the Women in Product community to Seattle and New York. 

Looking forward to 2018, we will continue to grow the Women in Product community in Amsterdam, Austin, Boston, Chicago, London, Raleigh, Tel Aviv, and Toronto. We will deepen engagement with sub-communities focused on aspiring and early career PMs, mid-career PMs, Senior PMs and company leaders. We are continuing to invest in monthly events for skill-building, information sharing, and leadership training. We'll also be launching a mentoring app to help connect the WIP community around the world for peer-to-peer mentoring. 

A big thank you to all our amazing Steering Team Leaders, City Leaders, sponsors, volunteers, and Women in Product members for all of your support. The Women in Product community is fostered by all of us, and we appreciate everyone's contributions to building this supportive network.  

We look forward to connecting with you in 2018!

A special thank you to those who made individual contributions:

Alicia Hurst, Erik Kaulberg, Ying Li, Priya Nagabushana, Swagata Upreti, Iliana Montauk, Fabiola Carcamo, Yelena Drabkin, Nisha Victor-Khe, Shelby Stewart, Marily Nika-Yocke, Kristen Tucker, Aarthi Ramamurthy, Nimisha Arora Gera, Sandy Huang, Rachel Sheinbein, Priyamvadha Agarwal, Caron Ng, Marianna Zurmoski, Samvita Padukone, Anand Chandrasekaran, Mark Rose, Zainab Ghadiyali, Philip Soo, Bronwen Raff, Leigh Amaro, Yee Lee, Linda Chen, Jennifer Dulski, Marjan Yahya, Sharon Lo, Ha Nguyen, Subha Shetty, Claire Fang, Seyi Akinyode, Ashley Serotta


"Wanted to send a big shout out to the incredible women who organized the Women in Product event yesterday. I was totally blown away by what an incredible group of women you brought together. It's a heroic undertaking to make it happen (especially when I think most if not all of you have ridiculously demanding day jobs?!). So thank you! Was an honor to be there."

Sarah Tavel

"I was inspired not only by the women on stage but also by the women sitting next to me, listening, asking questions, and sharing their knowledge."

Hagit Katzenelson

"Thanks so much for putting together a wonderful event that has inspired me beyond my dreams. I'm not in the Bay Area, so I'd never heard of many of the amazing women you brought together. However, the caliber of women at this event was impressive and something that will stay with me for a lifetime."

Phedra Arthur Iruke, Nava PBC

"While most of the day left me feeling empowered, there are still moments that reminded me of how far we have yet to go. [...] When certain behavior gone on for long enough, it becomes the norm, and we stop recognizing that it is even a problem."

Rebecca Dobbin, Tasktop

“The fact that I was surrounded by 1500 women in tech just wowed me. Honestly, it gave me goosebumps.”
Nicole Bryan, Tasktop

"The lineup of speakers was unbelievable. Being surrounded by such incredible women was special and enlightening. Can't wait to go back next year!"

Sarah Huges, CareCloud

"We had a fantastic speaker lineup including April Underwood (VP of Product at Slack), Fidji Simo (VP Product at Facebook), Avni Shah (VP Product Management at Google) to name a few. As well as women leaders from Netflix, Glassdoor, Stanford, Sequoia, Salesforce, Youtube, and more."

Hayley Leibson, Lady in Tech

"Had a great time at the conference yesterday! Cannot believe how many inspiring women I met and heard. Looking forward to hearing more at future events."

Shubhra Sinha, Originate

"I have enjoyed the conference and connected with strong product leaders."

Rana Mumtaz, AOL

"I had SUCH a great time at the conference on Tuesday :) Really loved meeting everyone and hearing from all the amazing speakers."

Elynn Lee, Quora