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Welcome to the Boston Women in Product community. We are excited to educate, empower, and create a global community of women product managers to build impactful products at scale.

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Upcoming Events 

Join Women in Product and the Boston Product Management Association on Thursday, September 20th from 6:15-8:30pm at Wistia to hear how a front-end engineer, a urology resident, a pricing analyst, and a sales manager all transitioned into product and product marketing management.

We’ll kick things off with in-depth introductions from each of our facilitators and then invite you to join smaller group discussions with the speakers to hear more about their transitions into product.

This event will feature:

Portia Thurmond, a former urology resident, now Senior Manager, Clinical Informatics at QPID (eviCore healthcare)

Angela Poire, a former front-end engineer, now Product Owner at InCrowd, Inc

Ashwini Asegaonkar, a former pricing analyst, now Product Manager at CVS Health

Megan Menesale, a former sales manager, now Senior Director of Product Marketing at Payfactors

6:00-6:30pm: Arrive, Grab a Drink, & Get Ready to Discuss
6:30-7:00pm: Welcome & Speaker Introductions
7:00-7:45pm: Roundtable Discussions
7:45-8:30pm: Network & Chill

More information can be found on our Meetup page.


august 1

Up & Across: Stakeholder Strategies for Product Leaders

Join Women in Product on August 1st from 6:15-8:30 pm at Wayfair for a panel discussion on strategies for product leaders at all levels, who are working with stakeholders and influencing up and across to achieve their goals. This panel discussion will help you identify techniques to navigate your stakeholders and drive alignment to move your product, team & career forward.

Discussion topics include:
- Strategies for pitching to & getting buy-in from stakeholders in various
- Dealing with difficult stakeholders
- Moving a team forward when stakeholders conflict
- Getting alignment with executive stakeholders
- Gender bias and stakeholder management

6:15-6:45 pm: Arrive, Check-In, and Grab a Snack
6:45-7:50 pm: Discussion and Q&A
7:50-8:30 pm: Continue the Conversation and Networking

More information can be found on our Meetup page.