Testimonials from the Conference

“The fact that I was surrounded by 1500 women in tech just wowed me. Honestly, it gave me goosebumps.”

Nicole Bryan, Tasktop


“The lineup of speakers was unbelievable. Being surrounded by such incredible women was special and enlightening. Can’t wait to go back next year!”

Sarah Hughes, CareCloud


“We had a fantastic speaker lineup including April Underwood (VP of Product at Slack), Fidji Simo (VP of Product at Facebook), Avni Shah (VP Product Management at Google) to name a few. As well as women leaders from Netflix, Glassdoor, Stanford, Sequoia, Salesforce, Youtube and more.”

Hayley Leibson, Lady in Tech


“Had a great time at the conference yesterday! Cannot believe how many inspiring women I met and heard. Looking forward to hearing more at future events.”

Shubhra Sinha, Originate


I have enjoyed the conference and connected with strong product leaders.

Rana Mumtaz, AOL


“I had SUCH a great time at the conference on Tuesday :) Really loved meeting everyone and hearing from all of the amazing speakers.”

Elynn Lee, Quora


“Wanted to send a big shout out to the incredible women who organized the Women in Product event yesterday. I was totally blown away by what an incredible group of women you brought together. It's a heroic undertaking to make it happen (especially when I think most if not all of you have ridiculously demanding day jobs?!). So thank you! was an honor to be there.”

Sarah Tavel


“I was inspired not only by the women on stage but also by the women sitting next to me, listening, asking questions, and sharing their knowledge.”

Hagit Katzenelson


“Thanks so much for putting together a wonderful event that has inspired me beyond my dreams.  I'm not in the Bay area, so I'd never heard of many of the amazing women you brought together.  However, the caliber of women at this event was impressive and something that will stay with me for a lifetime.”

Phedra Arthur Iruke, Nava PBC

(via email)


“While most of the day left me feeling empowered, there are still moments that reminded me of how far we have yet to go. [...] When certain behavior goes on for long enough, it becomes the norm, and we stop recognizing that it is even a problem.”

Rebecca Dobbin, Tasktop


“There were a lot of amazing female speakers in this conference who shared their experiences in the realm of Product Management. They covered a lot of interesting topics but there was one special subject that captured my attention the most: “Confronting Fear” by Avni Shah, VP, Product Management at Google.”

Bahar Pakzad, Tasktop


“I left feeling inspired by simply having been at the conference with so many fellow female peers in product management, feeling proud of what I have been able to learn and accomplish in my career so far, and excited about the future of my career in product management.”

Cynthia Mancha, Tasktop