Toronto Community

Welcome to the Toronto Women in Product community. We exist to authentically connect women-identified people from different paths and experiences to listen, learn, and share, to mentor, inspire and challenge each other, so we can all thrive as product managers, leaders and individuals.

The values that guide our community are: 

Model Diversity and Inclusion 
f that is what we want in the world, for our products and workplaces, let’s start with ourselves 

Preserve Privacy and Safety
What is said stays here, respect our privacy and we will respect yours 

Collaborate and Support Each Other 
There is enough space for everyone, we are here to win together 

Encourage Honesty and Respectful Candor 
No BS! Bring an Open Mind to listen, share, and learn. 

Be Present and Engage
What you get out is what you put in. We are creating experiences together. 

Be Brave 
You don’t need to be perfect

Chapter Leads 


september 26

Paths to Product: Advice from the Women PMs at Wattpad

Wattpad will be hosting us in their space & we'll hear from a select group of Product Managers from their product management team. Wattpad has been an all-woman product team for the past 2 years!

These panelists come from a variety of diverse backgrounds and are at various stages of their career from just starting out to product leadership (see bios below). They will be discussing the variety of paths they took to get into product management & the opportunities they've taken hold of to advance their careers in the discipline.

Join us for an evening of discovery. This is one panel you won't want to miss!

august 15

Women in Product Intimate Dinner

Looking for an intimate event where you can make deeper connections with other kickass women in Product?

Join us for an intimate dinner with 15 people on Wednesday, August 15th at 7:00 pm at STELVIO.

This event is intentionally small in order to facilitate meaningful conversations so if you're interested, register quickly to secure your spot. 

june 21

Women in Product Toronto Kickoff

Calling all practicing Product Managers looking to meet more kickass women in Product: 

We want to hear what you want and value in our WIP Toronto community. The agenda includes facilitated discussions and activities to establish goals, structure and character for our community. There will be ample networking opportunities along with drinks and appetizers to smooth the introductions.

Come, be heard, network and share!

We are building something awesome, don't miss out on it. 

Want to host a WIP Toronto event? Email us at